Probiotic Benefits For Men

Probiotics are of great benefit to the general well-being of a person, they are needed by all age groups of the population, both adults, and children. For newborns, the mothers pass on probiotics to their babies during exclusive breastfeeding.

The benefits are mostly universal and not restricted to any age, but there are probiotics available to provide unique benefits on a gender basis. For example, women who use probiotics supplements are not usually predisposed to vaginal or genital infections, and they usually have good breast health. The same goes for men, the use of probiotics by men helps to provide some unique health benefits as well as prevent them from certain diseases (2).

The following are some of the health benefits of probiotics in men:

  • Digestive health

Studies reveal that there are connections between probiotics and the sex hormone, which can infer that the probiotic need of men and women differs in variants and concentration. When you take the right probiotic, it helps to maintain your gut health and keep the digestive system in good shape, as well as boost your immunity, and prevent weight loss (1).

  • Hormonal balance

Enough attention has not been drawn to the health benefits of probiotics to the endocrine system. Probiotics play a wide role in balancing and maintaining your hormones. In men, it helps to maintain the level of the love hormone in men, the oxytocin hormone, it also helps to enhance proper production and secretion of your testosterone hormone when you take the best probiotics for men, aside from the hormones, it helps to make sure your libido is well balanced, and your male sexual characteristics are properly developed (2).

Naturally, after the age of thirty years, the level of the hormone testosterone in men begins to reduce, and when such happen, the effects on such men are not always palatable, such as weakness in the bone, decrease in the production of red blood cells, decrease in muscle mass, and the muscle power. Fortunately, studies revealed that probiotics containing lactobacilli can help to sustain a healthy youthful level of testosterone, even while growing older (4).

  • Prostate health

It is very important to be intentional about your prostate health, studies have it that one out of eight men have prostate cancer and have been diagnosed. In the elderly, up to six out of ten men have been diagnosed with prostate disorder from the age of 65 years, with the above information, you must be intentional about your prostate health from fifty years of age. There have been quite a several studies that reveal that probiotics are of health benefit to the prostate, they help to reduce inflammation of the prostate.

With recent results, if you take the best probiotics for men, it will help reduce the bacterial load of E.coli, and E. faecalis present in urine cultures, which help promote and maintain the health of your prostate, as well as reduce inflammation of the prostate which is always a precipitant to other prostate diseases (1).

  • Bone health

As men age, the density of their bone decreases, although that is not limited to only one gender, when such occur in men, the complication is always very severe compared to women. Before that happens and you will need to start acquiring and consuming calcium, there are better ways available for you to protect your bone health and your musculoskeletal system at large. And just as in several other parts of the body, the health of your bone is traceable to how healthy your gut is, the absorption of calcium needed for your bone strength takes place in the gut, the intestines to be precise.

If the gut is unhealthy as a result of any inflammatory process, it will lead to the release of chemical substances that can inhibit the absorption of calcium which will in turn cause the bone to be weak.

However, research has revealed that the use of probiotics, especially Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium, helps to aid the strength of bones, improve gut health for adequate calcium absorption, and balance the immune system, keeping the body in good homeostasis (2).

  • Mental health

For many African and American men, there are lots of pressure from different angles, financially, familial, and even environmental and peer pressures. There is a direct neurobiology connection between the brain and the gut, when you take the best probiotic for men, the probiotic benefits for men include a balance of mood, and prevention of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, this is because, through the brain-gut axis, the gut has a way to influence some mood activities in the brain. For this reason, you should take the right probiotic to achieve the right result, and of course, it is still advisable to seek professional help when in any mental or mood disorder. (3).

  • Weight management

Most men gain undesirable weight as they age, and this has been linked to the gradual drop in the level of testosterone in the body, the phenomenon has been called “male menopause”. With the use of the appropriate probiotics, you can manage appropriately weight gain in old age, and promote your health because being overweight or obese is a potential risk factor for several other chronic diseases in the body.

The use of probiotics containing the Bifidobacterium can help you prevent any unwanted and undesired weight gain, and also aid in healthy weight loss. With a healthy gut, you can have unlimited benefits, and one of such is shedding off excess weight (1), by lowering the excess level of cholesterol in the body (4).

  • Immunity

It is very important as a man to take good and better care of your health. Men are more predisposed to certain diseases, and even with worse prognosis and severity. For example, the popular “man flu” common among couples, there are scientific studies to back it up that men take more time to get well when they are affected by this common disease, compare to women. Hence, the need for men to regularly take good probiotics to support their immunity to be able to fight against the infective microorganisms, and reduce the duration of such illnesses (4).

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